Transportation Management

Global Xoom can help you streamline transportation operations, reduce costs, comply with shipping regulations and provider greater visibility and control over the process of managing your organizations transportation.
We have experience in multiple transportation management solutions including:

    Freight Management

We can combine our TMS (Transportation Management System) along with multiple modes of service partners into your supply chain.  We understand the difficulty and time it takes to manage each mode of service.  Our TMS system will optimize each mode to give you the most cost effective solution along with best service standards of multiple providers. 
We manage your supplier, item, order and shipment details to ensure what you order are what you receive.

    Freight Audit

We provide options for freight audit including technology to ensure all modes of shipments are billed correct, delivered on-time and compliant with the requirements of each shipment.  Our dedicated team of customer support specialists will ensure the freight audit and payment are accurate.

    Cost Management

We understand the process of monitoring and controlling cost among transportation.  We work with our clients to ensure the most cost effective supply chain solution is provided to meet and exceed your expectations.

    Bid and Negotiation

Global Xoom works with multiple customers to provide the best possible bid success.  We have a team of experts who can assist in cost analysis, volume leverage and specific requirements to meet the needs of your company.  With years of experience in bid negations, let Global Xoom help your organization to achieve a competitive bid outcome.