Specialized Logistics Solutions

We provide you a single point of contact to coordinate the transportation, timing, set-up, configuration, storage, documentation, and compliance requirements of your unique and/or complex project. Whether your project involves a product roll-out, big box retail distribution, a trade show, product delivery and set-up, refrigerated grocery distribution, specialized re-packaging, or product consolidation., we  can coordinate all aspects of such projects while meeting your custom requirements as well as those of your customers and vendors.

Let us customize a solution for you.

    Retail Compliance

We meet the specific requirements of the Retailer you are working with. Let us take care of making delivery appointments, insuring delivery within specified windows, collecting delivery receipt, and providing tracking capabilities for you.

    Grocery Distribution Delivery

We coordinate refrigerated and food-grade storage as well as refrigerated transportation of your grocery products.  The facilities we partner with are approved by both ASI Food Safety Consultants (formerly known as the American Sanitation Institute) and The United States Department of Agriculture.

    Big Box Distribution

Our Big Box Distribution services give you the ability to distribute your product to either distribution centers or retail outlets.  We handle Big Box Distribution requirements such as, delivery appointments, meeting delivery windows, and delivery receipt collection.

    Project Rollouts

Whether your product is going to a distribution center or retailer, let us coordinate the delivery timing.  We insure that your product is not delivered earlier or later than your rollout requires.

    White Glove Delivery

White Glove Delivery provides all-inclusive delivery and setup
With end-To-end logistical support. 


Our Consolidation Service allows you to conduct the collection, transportation, and re-distribution of products with one point of contact.  This service is ideal for product recalls.

    Pool Distribution

We coordinate the distribution of orders to numerous destination points within a particular geographic region. This service will help you reduce transit time, maintain shipment and temperature integrity, reduce claim potential due to less handling, allow pulling of orders by ship date versus order date.

    Custom Crating

We perform banding, shrink wrapping and custom crating.  Crates specific to your product are constructed on-site in order to prevent damage in shipping.

    Quality Control

Warehouse Management Software gives us full visibility, planning ability, and inventory control with the ability to track lots, serial numbers, expiration dates, weight, volume, and dimension. We can also provide a variety of picking options including FIFO, FMFO, and FEFO to assist you in maximizing your inventory rotation.


Using a master bill of lading, our warehousing partners pull all of the components for your kit. After the kit is assembled our system automatically adjusts your inventory, adding the assembled product under a new SKU.

    Exhibit / Trade Show

We have access to approximately 400,000 square feet of storage space that is only five miles from the Salt Lake City Convention Center (home of the Outdoor Retailer Summer and Winter Market shows) and only 16 miles from the South Towne Exhibition Center in Sandy, Utah. 
Avoid unnecessary cross-country transportation of your display booth, by allowing us to arrange transportation and local storage. We can also arrange pick-up and delivery of your new season’s show products from anywhere on the globe.


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